Home Technology Facebook now set to give personal health check up reminder.

    Facebook now set to give personal health check up reminder.

    Facebook recently launched a new health tool that allows users in the US to set reminder for health checkups, vaccines and cancer screenings. For now, the focus is on the two major causes of death, heart disease and cancer, flu included.

    Facebook plans to increase the range of sicknesses and countries covered. It has partnered with several US health organizations for the launch.

    One can search for the new health tool in Facebook’s mobile app to find out which checkups are recommended for him/her by Facebook’s partner organizations based on one’s age and sex.

    For instance, women aged 45 to 55 are recommended to get a mammogram every year.

    Reminders for flu shots will pop up at the suitable time of the year. Users can use the health tool to set reminders and mark them when they are completed.

    This is not Facebook’s first attempt into health. This new Facebook tool focuses on preventing people from getting sick rather than helping in getting a cure.

    While the cause for this new tool is worthy, it has to do with very private data being collected by Facebook.

    As it stands, data privacy on Facebook is not secured but the company claims to have introduced extra safeguards for data privacy into the app.

    However, Facebook is relying on enough people to take it at its word at a time when trust in the company is at rock bottom, especially in the US.

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