Home News Exposed!! Buhari pursuing third term agenda – Falana

    Exposed!! Buhari pursuing third term agenda – Falana

    Although President Muhammadu Buhari seemed to have set the records straight by saying he would comply with the Nigerian constitution and leave office by 2023, some prominent citizens seem not be convinced. They believe he might want another term.

    Nigerian Tribune reports that the belief was echoed by the Lagos-based human rights activist, Femi Falana, who blatantly stated that the president was secretly pursuing his third term agenda.

    Mr. Falana reportedly told the newspaper on Friday, November 8, that Nigerians should not believe the denial, saying the actions of the president and his men recently are all pointing to a third term.

    He accused the president of clamping down on the opposition, restricting free speech, crackdown on the media, and a whole lot of political atrocities.

    Falana also bemoaned the continued detention of activist-politician, Omoyele Sowore, despite a valid bail order from a court of competent jurisdiction. He described the situation as worrisome and also one of the worrying reasons Nigerians should not delay in rising against the alleged fascism creeping on them.

    He said: “But you heard his group demanding a third term for him and the president trying to distance himself in a very unconvincing manner. I have no doubt there is a third term agenda, because dictatorship of the kind we are witnessing now, in the past, was to one end; tenure elongation.

    “He (President Buhari) is trying to cow Nigerians, but no one can successfully do that. All his recent actions are geared towards that; ruling from London, closing borders, arresting opposition and jailing journalists, are meant for him, to be the only voice in the country, it won’t be.

    He said: “What about petrol dealers who are registered to do legitimate business. I have their registration certificates with me here. But you suddenly came up with the 20-kilometers radius of the border policy and you grounded their legitimate business.

    “I am sure you know that all auto shops in the country have been shut down, on the ground that appropriate duties have not been paid on some vehicles.”

    “You can’t say you want to conquer your people, without a sinister agenda to it. Like Abacha and IBB, before now, all we are seeing now, were the same manifestations under them; jailing journalists, charging them with treasonable felony, and their agenda for doing those things, was tenure elongation.

    “Now, there is no emergency, Sowore is restricted to Abuja, Bakare (co-accused in the treason trial) is restricted to Osogbo. A very annoying order. This is an authoritarian government, they are saying we are above the law, you don’t talk of election under such an atmosphere,” he added.

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