A group of boys was recently arrested in Calabar . Onoriode was one of the ‘yahoo’ guys that was recently arrested during different raids carried out in Calabar in the early hours of Saturday, May 4, 2019 and Sunday, May 5, 2019.

        Onoriode ,a graduate of Delta State University, Abraka was arrested in his magnificent duplex located at Plot 10, Block VI, Unical Satellite Town in Calabar. He is a married father of two and has been in the business for a long time and he was known as “Blinks” or “Mr White”. After his arrest, he reveals that he currently operates an off shore account in China.

        During the search carried out by the officials, three luxury cars were recovered from his premises. ZDX Acura car, E 300 Mercedes Benz and a Range Rover SUV. The SUV however could not be moved due to mechanical problems.

    Other items recovered include two iPhones, one Nokia phone and documents of landed properties owned by the suspect.

    “I was really known in my school then as a G boy. I have two kids. I didn’t want to bring them up where people will say, ah! your father is a yahoo boy. That was why I relocated my family from Asaba to Calabar. When I came out now and saw you people and the bus outside, my mind just told me there was a problem, ‘ he said.

        The other 3 arrested May 5, 2019 were Ifeanyi Chukwudi, Godwin Joseph and Iluobe Daniel. They were arrested at different locations within Calabar following intelligence reports gathered by operatives of thr EFCC as a result of the high rate of cyber-crime in the state.

    Chukwudi who confessed that he specializes in love scam, admitted that he had “made a lot of money from the business (yahoo yahoo)”

    He said “I have defrauded women from the UK (United Kingdom). They usually pay me after we get engaged, and then, they will now want me to come over, that’s when they send me money and that’s how I get paid.” Some of the items recovered from his apartment at Effiong Close, Satellite Town, Calabar.

    Some of the items recovered from his apartment at Effiong Close, Satellite Town, Calabar include: one iPhone 8 plus, one HP laptop containing fraudulent letters of false claims and nine SIM cards.

    Joseph and Daniel were arrested at Hagbor Agbeansa area of Calabar. A Toyota Camry LE, one HP laptop containing scam emails and several exotic phones were recovered from them.

    The commission revealed that the four will soon be charged to court.

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