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    Dino Melaye under attack for claiming that 5G mobile network is the cause of coronavirus


    The coronavirus has continued to spread worldwide and cripple economic activities. As this is happening, so also are rumours and conspiracy theories about the disease spreading.

    This time, rumours are spreading about the latest 5G technology. Some on social media are claiming that the 5G technology is the cause of the infection.

    The latest to join those spreading this theory is a former senator from Kogi state, Dino Melaye.

    Melaye in a video that is trending on social media claims the 5G technology is responsible for deaths associated with coronavirus. According to him, it is the reaction from this 5G that has some biological interactions with our cells.

    He called on all network providers to demobilise any 5G network in any part of Nigeria.

    “5G technology is evil, 5G technology is a killer, this technology is what is now helping to mobilise flu that comes in form of coronavirus and this is also helping to kill the immune system,” Melaye said in the video.

    He called on President Muhammadu to Buhari to make hay while the sun shines. He ended his speech with the saying “a word is enough for the wise.

    Melaye has now come under attack and Nigerians are dragging him on social media.

    Wale Adetona wrote: “I am not surprised that such gibberish is coming from Dino. Same person without proper research nor knowledge that stood confidently on the floor of the senate to say Remita belongs to Remi, Tinubu and Ahmed. Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

    A Twitter user identified as John Fanimokun said Melaye’s outburst was the result of ignorance, pride and laziness.

    According to Salman Duke, Melaye is hallucinating and rehearsing how he used to embarrass himself while he was a senator.

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