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    DELAY IN MARRIAGE. Don’t blame God Tomorrow


    Girls at the age of 18-24 always attracts serious men who is fully ready to get married but at this age most of our girls never wish to hear anything about marriage…You will hear them saying “who marriage help, who care about marriage”….. But this girls will be having serious sex relationship with small boys of their age…I mean serious sex relationship because at this age, they always have high rate of boys, guys and men coming for them but they will prefer to chose those boys rather than the men..

    They are still young to marry but they’re not young to have sex with boys… If u even ask them why are you small girls having sex in a relationship…You will hear her asking you back “Who is small girl? Do u even know what I know? Are u expecting me not to be having sex at this my age? Do u want to kill me? And beside, what is your own problem with my own life? Abeg, pack well”.At the age of 25-27, parent will start asking them how far? Don’t you have any one yet? Are u not planning to get married? Your mate are getting married? Or don’t you know how old you are?… But mind you, parent only seems outside of their daughter not knowing that inside is finished….With all this questions by her own parent she will now be thinking and asking her self some questions like… “My mate are getting married? Does it mean am old enough to marry?

    Hmm but how should I go about it those my boyfriends are not a serious type… They’re not even ready to marry yet.. Well, God knows the best I believe in God”… My sister, Did u just mention God?… Hmm!!!At the age of 27-30… They will now start looking for men to marry not boys to have sex again… They will start looking for serious relationship that will lead to marriage… But the funniest thing is that, at this age of 30 no man will be asking their hand in marriage…Though they will see men but those men will only want to date them not marriage… Then u will see them forcing their self to marry a man who didn’t like to marry them…

    No single man at the age of 30-35 will like to marry a lady of 30-35 too instead they will be looking for girls of 20-25 to marry and that is why you will see some men going back to their village to find young girl to marry when they seems that those young girls in the city are not serious about marriage and those that are serious are too old for them.

    At the age of 30-35, if you ask her why are u not marry yet by this your age it getting too late… You will hear her asking you some silly questions like… “Are you God? Or do you want to marry me? Single at 30 or 35 it’s a crime? Did I see who will marry me I didn’t marry him? God knows the best please.” At this age of 30-35 they will start going to Church like never before… They will now be a fake serious type.. Her name will now change from Lizy for sure to Sis in Christ…

    At this age if u ask her for dating you will hear her saying “My brother, am not like them… Am looking for husband not dating if truly u love me go and see my parent for marriage I can’t do anything without asking for my parent hands… But when she was 18-24 yrs she was doing everything without her parent hands. But ladies, do you even know that no man want old version again? Everybody is looking for latest version. U don’t expect a young man of 30yrs to marry you of 30yrs as his house wife…

    Men that will be interested to marry you will be men of 40 plus and mind you, those men have married with kids except you wanna be second or third wife and I know that ladies will not want to be second or third wife.

    Everything in life has it own season and time… No lady that is looking for husband now that didn’t see who want to marry her when she was 18-24 years but by then, they’re not serious because they’re not looking for husband but they’re looking for sex.

    Let’s assuming you started having sex at the age of 16-20… Now you’re 30yrs old… My sister can you count how many time you had sex? Well, let’s forget about that because I know you won’t like that part at all.

    But let me tell you, everything is not about prayer. God who created you has made a plan for you but when you by yourself changed the plan or miss the road you will now be shouting God where are you…

    When God is shouting my daughter where are you.. You’re there doing Shakara, enjoying your life and talking men for granted.Why do we have high rate of single mothers and single ladies nowadays? Does it mean no men again? You will see that the old are there not getting married why the young ones are getting married.

    You as a elderly or senior sister never marry your younger or junior sisters are getting married…. You will now be asking God some funny questions like “God why me? I’m mine not your daughter again?

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