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    Cultism and oppression in our secondary schools

    School is a place for learning morals, worthiness and character. It is also a place where we get basic education to help better our lives in any society we find ourselves.

    But today the case is different, what we see now in the university has found its way to the primary schools and secondary schools especially the public schools. Before now, between the 1990 and 2000 we use to have adults in school both primary and secondary school. These persons are people who are considered dull but need to be kept in school to finish primary school at most while others are people who were brought from the village, they cannot speak English and as such are kept in school so that if not for anything, they are able to communicate well with others in English including speaking and understanding the language. These persons oppress the younger ones in class and instill fear inside of them. The oppression got to the level of asking the younger ones to buy them something big during class with little or no money at all and the little ones dare not report them for fear. I was a victim of this oppression.

    In those days while I was in JSS 1, I was among the few who could speak English fluently and also among those who are considered scholars, ‘efiko’ as we were called then. I was a transferred from a private school to a public one due to financial issues then.

    One afternoon, I was asked by one of these mature students in my class to buy meat pie and coke for him. Then, it costs 10 naira and I was only given 3 naira. I asked him to complete it as the money he had given me would not be enough to get what he asked for. I was given a resounding slap for that and I had to add my money to give them what he gave me, because of that, I could not buy anything for myself during break time and I had to trek home so I got home late. I reported the issue to my class teacher then and all she could tell me was that I should avoid students like that. Till I finished my secondary school, they continued to pick on younger students and also start riot with other schools.

    If it is a mixed school, they are fond of toasting/wooing girls and anyone who refuses their advances would be beaten seriously. Most times, other students also joined he group of oppressors. It stopped being a “mature students” clique and began a clique for the strong minded.

        They are known to put on certain colours of attires like black, red, green and yellow berets, they also put on mufflers with different colours, depending on the cult gang they belong to. Some put on the chaplet, it is either yellow, or those mixed with different colours, with the same bangles especially   yellow, depending on which group they belong to.

        Most of them, do not dress very properly, they are the student that put on low waist trousers. When they are corrected, either by their teachers, or their senior students trouble begins to brew and one begin to have fear going home after the close of day because you are going to be beaten severely.

    They do not have good thoughts or do not think straight in life all they do is to destroy and this has made them basically not to be focused in life.

    They hardly stay in class to study. They are fond of moving aimlessly from one class to another, trying to recruit new students or trying to disturb the peace of the class and also bully students who refuse to join.

    They do not obey laws and orders that have been laid down by the school authorities. Whenever, they commit any crime, like fighting in the school, they boldly accept punishment given to them as they more they embrace pain, the stronger it makes them. In most cases, they do not even get punished as the school authorities also become scared of them.

        Most of these cultists, do not graduate from school as they do not study hard enough while others manage to barely scale through.

    They end up becoming nonentities and nuisance to the society where they find themselves. Most of them end up regretting the way they spent their lives. Their end is always bad as most die in the hands of the law; getting killed by policemen during operations or by rival cults.

        Most of these cultists are who they are because they do not have parental advice to guide them. Most of them lack parental love and care and found fake love among the brotherhood: members of the cult.

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