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    Cubana Chiefpriest – My dad who disowned me is the one enjoying and not my late mom who believed in me


    Nigerian Big Boy celebrity barman, Cubana Chiefpriest, has taken to his social media to speak on the irony of life using his own personal experience The barman said that his mother who loved and believed in him is not alive to enjoy the fruit of her labour Cubana then said that his father who disowned him several times is now the one who is alive and enjoying everything Life.

    This life It has been said on many occasions that life works in mysterious ways. This is evident in how people make plans or have the hope for something to happen and then things do not go according to their expectation. Just recently, popular celebrity barman, Cubana Chiefpriest, took to social media to speak on the irony of life, using his own parents as an example

    The Celebrity barman said that life can be funny. He explained that his mother who loved and believed in him is not alive to enjoy the fruits of her labour seeing as he is obviously better off now.

    However Cubana continued that his father, who had disowned him on several occasions, is now the one who is present to enjoy all the glory. The celebrity barman shared this information as he shared a throwback photo of his parents cradling him as a child

    In his words

    Sacramento Baptismal !!!! E Get As This Life Be, My MaMa Wey Believe Me Die No Come Dey To Enjoy The Fruit Of Her Labour, E Come Be My PaPa Wey Been Disown Me Na Him Come Dey Chop The Whole Glory….This Life No Balance, RIP MaMa Wey Born

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