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    COVID-19: Scientists Develop Inhalers to Help Home Treatment

    Scientists in Britain, the United Kingdom, have now developed an inhaler that is specifically designed to help patients tackle off the coronavirus. The inhaler is made to be used as soon as symptoms of the virus are present.

    A trial has been launched and it involves researchers giving out inhalers to 120 infected patients to use at home. The inhaler contains a drug that is believed to help boost the immune system.

    At present, there is no specific treatment of cure for Covid-19. Those who become symptomatic are encouraged to self-isolate.

    There is are beliefs that should this inhaler be successful, it would help in the battle to stem the pandemic.

    One advantage of the inhaler is that if finally approved, it could help sufferers treat themselves even at home rather than just hoping for the best.

    Reports show that the head of the team for the study, Professor Nick Francis, explained that the goal of this scientific feat is to prevent the virus from progressing, leading to worse symptoms and deteriorating health.

    According to the report, those to be used to test the inhalers are the elderly, who are most susceptible to the virus.

    Others would be those with underlying health conditions.

    Daily Mail states that the patients with symptoms will be assessed via video call and sent a coronavirus test. If the test comes back positive, they will be sent the inhaler and other equipment to help record accurate data.

    Participants will use the inhaler once a day for 14 days then they will be assessed.

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