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    Cherubim and Seraphim Church pastor butchered by his ritualist after he went for more powers.


    A pastor of cherubim and seraphim church in Nigeria, pastor Emmanuel Ogedengbe met his untimely death after he was killed and his body parts dismembered by his ritualist friend.

    The Ritualist has been the source of the power the pastor has been using to perform miracles in his church. But this time around instead of fortifying the pastor the ritualist killed him for his body parts.

    According to reports, on the 5th of May, Pastor Emmanuel Ogbedengbe asked his one of his church member Sola Adebayo to accompany to go and see his ritualist. On getting there Adebayo was asked to wait outside whilst the pastor went in with the ritualist

    Adebayo who was not aware of where he was accompanying his pastor to, only found out on getting there that they have come to a habalist’s house.

    Adebayo said, after waiting for some time I decided to call my pastor when i didn’t get any response from him, I started having a second thought.

    According to Sola Adebayo he was later chased to his car parked on the high way. He managed to escape and went straight to the nearest police station to report the incidence.

    According to the police, they later mobilized and arrested Fatai Tirimisuyu, Sina Adeoye and Baba Alawonle. Who confessed to having murdered the pastor and shared his vital body parts.

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