Home News Caught in the Act Again!!!!!

    Caught in the Act Again!!!!!

    Remember Her…… Few Months Back this woman was in the media space due to  the overzealous act of a task force officer who threw away her food for trading around the city center.

    You would recall that efforts was made to compensate her, Even Individuals like Amafe Jessica, Barr Jefferson, Prof Julius Ihonvbere and co decided to contribute for her to secure a shop where she could trade, She insisted on Trading along the Road in the City Center…..The Plead and Efforts by the Head of the Task force Yusuf Mutari and  Members of the public who reached out to her fell to deaf Ears as she was seen today trading in the same spot along the city center 

    She’s Currently been held by the Task force Operatives before she would be taken to the mobile court to face the Penalty for her actions.
    No one is above the Laws…

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