Barcelona’s angry fans attack Messi at the airport

    A night that saw one of the biggest shock in football as Lionel Messi could not believe what he saw at Anfield last night.

    With the first leg result, Barca seem to have gotten themselves into the finals but with the poor performance from his team mates Messi was once again disappointed and such situations had happened in the past before.
    Messi had some bright chance and opportunities to give Barca a lead but yesterday was not his lucky day as he could not find the net.

    Barca’s defence is to be questioned. How can they concede two goals in two minutes. That’s a very poor defending from the team as everyone is to blame for their poor performance and not just Messi and not just Messi as everyone seems to be blaming him.

    Messi’ night got worse as his team bus left Anfield without him as he got delayed by a drug test.
    On getting to the Liverpool airport in an attempt to travel back to Barcelona, he had an ugly encounter with some angry Barcelona fans who had travelled down to Liverpool to cheer the team to victory. His personal security guard, Pete Costa had to drag him away before the situation would escalate. This happened at about midnight.
    As soon as Messi passed the security point, another set of fans reportedly applauded him. whether or not the applause was meant to be sarcastic is still unknown.
    Is Messi really to be blamed for the team’s loss of the match??

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