A Twitter user, @DanielFaithArt, today shared a shocking video online showing the moment an elderly man was sexually assaulting his sister inside a bus as they traveled from Abuja to Akure.

In the video, the alleged molester can be seen touching the lady’s thigh severely as they traveled together on Monday.

According to the Guy, his sister reported the incident to a soldier on the road, but was allegedly told to keep quiet or be detained after the alleged molester spoke to the officer in Hausa.

Sharing the video, the Twitter user wrote; “This happened to a sister of mine today in a public transport, this man molested her all the way from Abuja to Akure, she screamed and the people in the bus said she was overreacting, so she made this video, and even at that, a soldier on the road that she tried reporting to told her to keep quiet or be detained because the said man spoke to him in Hausa.”

Kindly help retweet this till we can find someone that identifies this animal.” “Please help us find this animal I’m really livid, I just need someone to recognize him and help bring him to the fate animals like him deserve. Our girls are not safe with beasts like this roaming the street.”

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