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    Alan Hattel: Man assumed to be dead after ex-wife built a tombstone for him

    Alan Hattel, a 75-year-old retired welder, had a strange encounter when he realised people thought he was dead and then stopped calling him.

    Alan said the rumour was based on the fact that his ex-wife built a tombstone that has his name on it and he has blamed his ex-wife for making people think that he is dead.

    According to Alan, he realised something was amiss and became sso concerned when his phone stopped ringing for several months, cutting him off most social circles.

    He said that he realised what was happening when he got to see the tombstone his ex-wife erected for him.

    Standing beside the tombstone, the old man said “I’m still alive”, saying the rumour that he was dead was over-exaggerated.

    Alan also said that his ex-wife whom he separated from 26 years ago built the headstone without his knowledge. The stone has his name and his wife’s on it.

    He said she bought the plot of land and built the headstone with the intention to have them buried together. “I’ve never, ever said I wanted to be buried alongside my ex-wife,” he said.

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