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    Adewura found dead in manhole after falling from motorcycle during an heavy rain fall. Reports

    Eyewitness close to the scene of the flood where the young lady lost her life on Wednesday, May 15, Said they warned the bike man against the flood area but still went ahead.

    Another Eyewitness close to the area where the flood took her away said they bike man ignored their warning but was unable to save the young lady when his bike fell in the flood

    According to report from that area, the current of the flood swept Adewura into the manhole that leads to a bigger canal as the could not save her

    According to another Eyewitness close to that area where Adewura Latifat Bello lost her life on Wednesday, 15, said they saw her drown in a manhole but could not save her from the manhole.

    TheCable reports that the manhole where Adewura drowned in was still left open when it was visited but a side of the hole was guided by an by am iron fence

    According to another Eye witnesses close to that same scene said Adewura, boarded a bike at the Estate gate close to the manhole as it rained. The witnesses said everywhere was flooded and the bike man was warned against passing through the flooded area but he ignored. while trying to bypass the flowing flood under the heavy rain water, his motorcycle miss the right track and fall inside the wrong path and was able to save himself, but could not save Adewura.

    The current of the flood was so much as the flood quickly swept the accountant into the manhole, which leads to a much bigger canal far away from the area.

    Different eyewitness said: “We warned the rider not to pass through the flood but he didn’t listen to us.

    List of Different Eyewitness statement
    “He rode near the manhole saying he could make his way through the flood to the other side. But he fell and he struggled for himself and the motorcycles. The lady was washed inside the hole. We couldn’t save her because the flood was massive.

    “The driver was taken to Mosalasi police station and detained but he was later released.” The account from the one of the witness also revealed how the whole area is always flooded whenever it rains, adding that they always ask people to steer clear of the area when that happens.

    When the witness was asked why the hole was not covered, he said that the manhole was always opened whenever it rained so that the whole area is not totally covered by water.

    Another witness, Baba Segun, said after the flood had gone down, they hired men to search the canal for Bello but they could not locate her. “After the incident, we had to contribute money around here to put a metal fence around the manhole since we never can tell who the next victim could be, as we are in the raining season. “Since we work here, we contribute money every year to buy truckloads of sand to fill the street to make it accessible for vehicles,” he said.

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