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    Adeboye reveals the reason he doesn’t take communion in other churches


    Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has stated that it is an aberration to take Holy Communion during the day, saying that is the reason he doesn’t take Holy Communion in other churches.

    Adeboye spoke at the Holy Communion service at the just- concluded 67th convention of the church at the new auditorium at the Redemption Camp.

    Adeboye, while preaching on the importance of the Holy Communion, indicated that the Holy Communion is the Lord’s Supper and by implication should be taken at night adding “the first time the Passover was taken in the Bible, it was taken in the night on the eve of the Israelites freedom from Egypt. Jesus also took it in the night with his disciples.”

    He explained that whenever he is invited to some churches and they are serving Holy Communion in the day, he would decline on the excuse “I am fasting”.

    Adeboye claimed that taking of the Holy Communion at night is symbolic.

    He said: “Tears may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. The night period is symbolic. It means the end of sorrow.

    “It means the end of suffering. It means the end of stagnation. The supper is taken in the night and not in the day.”

    He however gave a warning. He said the Holy Communion is a serious matter and should not be taken unworthily.

    “Many are eating it unworthily that is why they are experiencing so many things they should not experience.

    “You can’t come to the Lord’s Table and bear grudges and harbor hatred in your heart against your brother or sister. You will be doing yourself a great harm,” he said.

    In his sermon to the newly ordained Pastor of the church, the Assistant General Overseer of the church in charge of Administration and Personnel, Pastor Johnson Odesola challenged them never to despair as they go about in task of evangelising the world for Christ.

    He said that preaching the gospel message is task that must be carried out as Christians await the second coming of the Lord.

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