Home News A Nigerian reportedly first black person to die of Coronavirus

    A Nigerian reportedly first black person to die of Coronavirus


    The first case of Coronavirus was reported in December 2019, and occurred in Wuhan, China.

    As a result of the alarming rise in the number of reported cases since December 2019, the WHO had on March 11, declared the outbreak a pandemic.

    Amid several reports of politicians, actors, basketball players, footballers and other celebrities contracting the virus, one constant which has been an issue of concern is the immunity of black-skinned people to the disease.

    According to AFP’s fact checking platform, the speculations that the genetic makeup of black people makes them immune to dying as a result of the coronavirus is a myth.

    This myth has futher been proven by a Twitter user of Nigerian descent who revealed that her cousin died today, March 13, 2020 after contracting coronavirus.

    The Twitter user who has been identified as Ayishat Akanbi and is based in London, said that her cousin – a doctor in her early 30s passed away this morning as a result of the virus.

    Ayishat wrote: “My cousin who is a doctor and in her early 30s died of Coronavirus this morning for anyone irresponsible enough to think black people are immune.”

    Prior to this case, research carried out reveal that there have been no other reports of black persons dying as a result of the virus, making hers the first.

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