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    A lady steps out of her car to flog children who persistently tried to clean her windscreen in Lagos traffic


    A Lagosian has been captured on camera storming out of her car with a pair of slippers in hand to wade off some children who were persistently trying to clean her windscreen after she had asked them not to.

    These are some common things we see on our Nigeria road mostly very busy roads in the cities, these kids clean your windscreen then they ask your for help, you can give them any amount you want to, as it is not compulsory.

    One probably might have come across such scenario when in traffic in Lagos – whether or not you gave the consent for them to clean your car, these children come out of nowhere and before could say Jack Robinson, Liquid soap and a stick foam brush is dancing on your windscreen.

    This lady is clearly pissed with the kids – one even sat on the bonnet of the car – who she must have told to stop cleaning and they persisted, as she steps out of the Hyundai Accent car holding a slippers in hand to chase the kids away.
    After seeing her, they immediately absconded without a tip from her.
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