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    5G network and its effect on our world.

    Is 5G the cause of the world’s current problems? Simply put, these claims are factually false. 5G does not cause Coronavirus.

    One would ordinarily have dismissed the “controversy” around 5G technology and the strange connection with COVID-19 being stridently pursued by some people as ignorant rants occasioned by the morbid fear.

    I have been in I T for some years now and i have passion for technology and I am surprised that when something new is coming, people tend to follow the crowd without doing proper research about it.

    Let’s talk about every of the G network

    The other mobile network generations are 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G.

    1G delivered analog voice.

    2G introduced digital voice (e.g., CDMA).

    3G brought mobile data (e.g., CDMA2000).

    4G LTE ushered in the era of mobile Internet.

    5G is based on radio frequency with high speed

    5G is the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies supporting cellular data networks. Large scale adoption began in 2019 and today virtually every telecommunication service provider in the developed world is upgrading its infrastructure to offer 5G functionality. 5G communication requires the use of communications devices (mostly mobile phones) designed to support the technology.

    4G millimeter wave is fast but it will not be as fast as 5G because  4G  Millimeter waves have difficulty traversing many walls and windows, so indoor coverage is limited.

    But with 5G millimeter wave is fast and can traversing through walls and windows and distcane without limitation

    5G low-band offers similar capacity to advanced 4G.

    5G!!! What is 5G? To understand 5G, we must first understand G. G stands for generation,

    just like laptos and desktop will have 5th generation and 6 generation

    5G will redefine a broad range of industries with connected services from retail to education, transportation to entertainment, and everything in between. We see 5G technology as transformative as the automobile and electricity.

    Enhanced Mobile Broadband: 5G will not only make our smartphones better, but it will also usher in new immersive experiences, such as VR and AR, with faster, more uniform data rates, lower latency, and cost-per-bit.

    With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, a number of viral social media conspiracy theories have speculated that 5G is the cause of the world’s current problems. Simply put, these claims are factually false  5G does not cause Coronavirus.

    That isn’t keeping device manufacturers and service providers from jumping onto the 5G bandwagon. Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold (the phone that unfurls into a tablet), for example, are both 5G-ready, along with models from LG, Huawei, Motorola, ZTE, and more.

    Electromagnetic hypersensitivity, for example, is a hypothetical disease in which certain people experience debilitating symptoms in the presence of radiation like cell phones and Wi-Fi—so yes, Michael McKean’s bizarre behavior on “Better Call Saul” is a real thing. But despite people claiming such sensitivities for at least 30 years, systematic scientific reviews have found that “blinded” victims can’t tell when they’re in the presence of an electromagnetic field, and the World Health Organization now recommends psychological evaluation for people so afflicted.

    Likewise, decades of studies have found no link between cell phones and cancers like brain tumors, though that hasn’t kept municipalities like San Francisco from passing laws requiring stores to display the radiation emitted by handsets—which implies, in the minds of consumers, risk.

    At the root of all concerns about cell phone networks is radiofrequency radiation (RFR). RFR is anything emitted in the electromagnetic spectrum, from microwaves to x-rays to radio waves to light from your monitor or light from the sun. Clearly, RFR isn’t inherently dangerous, so the problem becomes discovering under what circumstances it might be.

    5G has been in Nigeria since 2019 under testing and trying and it has just completed its 3 month testing, and waiting for the president to approve it. While it was undergoing testing, those using it and working around it did not die, so why are people claiming that it leads to destruction of lives and it is a sign of end time.

    5G is not the cause of coranavirus and soon, all those who claim 5G is not good will jump to using it. Let’s embrace a good advanced technology and stop this fear of 5G bringing about Covid-19.

    By Ekeme


    1. What happened to the western world like USA, UK, Spain, Italy etc that have already embraced 5G? 5G is evil and deadly, before government approve on 5G, they should check out the health benefits of 5G in human before approval. We’re ok and good with the 4G.

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