5 years old boy save mother’s life after dialing 112 emergency number on his toy car

    Little boy know as Josh Chapman was quick to make a smart move by calling a helpline after his mom suddenly blacked out while playing with him and his sibling

    The little boy was playing with his younger brother Harry when his mother, Caroline, suddenly fell in their home on Tuesday, July 28, Daily Mail reports.

    Not exactly knowing what to do as his mom’s fell, he rushed to his toy cars and dialed the number printed at the side of one of them rescue officials kept him online till they were able to track down his house and help his mom

    It is amazing that prior to that incident, Josh had never used a phone. Despite that, he was able to dial the 112 after seeing the number on the body of the toy.

    His mother said that his son told health officials that: “Mummy was playing cars and then her eyes closed.”

    The health officials were able to quickly get to the scene and found that the mother had gone into a diabetic coma.

    Josh was commended for how his brave and quick response saved the day as he was invited by the police on Tuesday, August 25.

    “I had just been playing cars with the boys and I suddenly blacked out. I woke up surrounded by paramedics – and a lot of toys – and they explained to me that Josh had called them and given them our address.

    “I couldn’t quite believe it. He has never used a phone before. He had looked at the number on the side of his toy ambulance and dialled 112,” the woman said.

    A collage showing the mom, Josh, and the toy car. Photo source: Daily Mail

    Caroline said that her son really loves emergency vehicles and they were the first things he called on when the incident happened. According to her, when the officials arrived, emergency toy cars were strewn everywhere.

    A police superintendent, Jim Baker, said that the West Mercia Police was really amazed by what he did, adding that the boy’s smart thinking proved that he would be “a brilliant police officer in the future”.

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