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    5 benefits of eating Apple you don’t know

    There is a popular say that eating fruits daily keeps the doctor away from you.Here are the five benefits of eating Apple .

    1. Promote better oral health.Apple contain alkaline that helps in acidic balance. It can also help with production of saliva in the mouth, it eliminate bacteria and food particles which can help in reducing the risk of bad breathe.Apples also promote better oral health by removing plaque and also removing stain from the teeth.

    2. Boost the brain.Research have proven that Apples are  excellent source of antioxidants compound quercetin. It is believe to have a protective effect on our brain cells. Eating of Apple or taking of apply juice can help minimize the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

    3. Prevent obesity.According to research, due to it’s high fiber content, it can help in the prevention of metabolic disorder associated with obesity and chronic inflammation which can lead to diabetes.

    4. Good for the heart.It have been proven from studies that apples could reduce a number of heart disease risk factor. Since they can help in maintaining lower cholesterol, they also contain flavonoids which can help in lowering blood pressure as well as the risk of stroke.

    5. Give stronger bone. Apples are among the fruit that can                   have a beneficial effect on bone density and bone strength. This can help protect against conditions like osteoporosis characterized as an increase in risk of bone fracture.

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