Pep Guardiola’s led Manchester City were rewarded with the sum of £38.4m for winning the EPL crown

       Liverpool on the other hand who came second will earn the sum of £36.5m

    The English Premier league came to an end on Sunday, May 12, with Manchester city winning the title on the final day after beating Brighton 4-1 in their last game of the English premier league 2018/19 season.

    The season was a hit with Manchester City and Liverpool men fighting to lift the trophy till the last day of the season.

    Report by UK Mirror revealed that Manchester city earned the sum of £38.4m for winning the title

     Liverpool who finished second behind Manchester City received the sum of £36.5m

    Third placed Chelsea got the sum of £34.6m.

    Below is what the rest of the teams got;

    1. Manchester City – £38.4m
    2. Liverpool – £36.5m
    3. Chelsea – £34.6m
    4. Tottenham Hotspur – £32.6m
    5. Arsenal – £30.7m
    6. Manchester United -£ 28.8m
    7. Wolves – £26.9m
    8. Everton – £25m
    9. Leicester – £23.1m
    10. West ham United – £21.1m
    11. Watford – £19.2m
    12. Crystal Palace – £17.3m
    13. Newcastle United – £15.4m
    14. Bournemouth – £13.4m
    15. Burnley -£11.5m
    16. Southampton – £9.6m
    17. Brighton – £7.7m
    18. Cardiff City-£ 5.8m
    19. Fulham – £3.8m
    20. Huddersfield Town – £1.9m

    Manchester City retained their premier league title; they are now back to back champions.

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